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A better, healthier alternative to alcohol. Enjoy a buildable buzz without the next day hangovers. 

The hi Collection™

The Team at hi Seltzer may not be what you think, unless you think we are a highly motivated team of industry experts, driven by excellence and inspired to provide the highest quality beverages in the world… then we are exactly what you think!

We call it The Hi Collection™, and it began as a random conversation among a few members of the cannabis industry. First there were hi gummi’s and they remain some of the most sought-after D8 gummi’s in the country. The gummi’s were produced with a very unique blend of proprietary ingredients, including the D8 from our plants – tested by the #1 DEA lab in the country. If you haven’t tried the gummi’s, please consider purchasing a bag to compliment your hi Seltzer!

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Crafted for leisurely moments beneath radiant sunbeams. Free from sugar, and utterly carefree.​





Find our commitment to quality and carefree enjoyment in every sip of hi Seltzer. With 0 sugar, 0 alcohol, and 0 calories, we design our fizzy-infused beverages to enhance your experience guilt-free. Real recognize real, and we keep our THC-infused (<0.3% hemp-derived) seltzers 100% natural just for you.

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The hi Seltzer Difference

At the heart of our fizzy-infused beverages lies a closely guarded secret—the proprietary, nano-emulsified base ingredient that sets hi Seltzer apart in the industry. This secret formula ensures that each pour of hi Seltzer is clean and crystal-clear.

Our state-of-the-art processing facility, one of only 20 in the United States, features in-line pasteurization for guaranteed freshness in every can. What truly sets us apart is our carbonation process, utilizing actual carb-stones to deliver the most bubbles of any cannabis-infused drink on the market. Taste for yourself today!