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Shake Things Up With Valentine’s Day Mocktail Recipes

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Setting the right mood is dire for a tantalizing Valentine’s Day celebration. As you plan your special day with your nearest and dearest, add a specialty mocktail made from hi Seltzer’s THC infused drinks to the mix. Instilled with the magic of Delta 8, you can enjoy the perfect happy without the hangover experience. Double down on your hi Seltzer Real Cherry stash and try one of our quality Valentine’s Day mocktail recipes for a healthier buzz.

Set The Mood With These Valentine’s Day Mocktail Recipes

hi Sexy

A delta 8 seltzer can by hi Seltzer sits next to a Valentine's Day mocktail garnished with an orange slice.

Perfectly complemented by the tangy sweetness of freshly squeezed orange juice, the hi Sexy will set the proper mood for an evening with your boo without the morning after regrets. Whether you’re catching an Uber to your favorite local hotspot or keeping things chill with a movie night, THC infused drinks are the perfect way to kickstart your romantic itinerary.

Whatcha Need:

Love Struck

A delta 8 seltzer can by hi Seltzer sits next to a Valentine's Day mocktail garnished with cherries.

Are you looking for a little extra zest? Ditch your go-to Cosmopolitan and mix up a Love Struck instead for a night to remember. This sweet, tart concoction will strike your senses and perk up the mood without sending you over the edge. For those joining the single club this year, enjoy this Delta 8 drink while mingling with your “GALentines Day” party crew.

Whatcha Need:

Cherry Bliss

A delta 8 seltzer can by hi Seltzer and two lime wedges sit next to a Valentine's Day mocktail.

Last but certainly not least, say hi to our libation that deserves a proper chef’s kiss—the Cherry Bliss. Featuring a unique blend of tropical fruit flavors and hydrating aloe, you can whisk yourself away to your own couple’s retreat without the woozy feels. Melt away your worries, embrace the look of longing in each other’s eyes, and enjoy a night of doom-scrolling Netflix for the perfect rom-com with THC infused drinks.

Whatcha Need:

  • Real Cherry hi Seltzer
  • Splash of lime juice
  • Splash of guava nectar
  • Splash of cactus aloe tea
  • Splash of grapefruit juice

Try Our THC Infused Drinks This Valentine’s Day

Why not shake things up this Valentine’s Day with a healthier, happier alternative to your usual glass of Cabernet? With zero calories, zero sugar, and zero alcohol, our THC infused drinks are the perfect addition to your romantic escapades. Join hi Seltzer’s Delta 8-powered love boat this year and try our flavorful mocktail recipes for a guilt-free night of bubbly moments, laughs, and connections. Keep the heartache at bay and explore our Delta 8 variety packs today!

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