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Lemon Lime


As simple as it sounds. Lemon Lime flavors are extracted just days before canning and the flavor is unmatched in this space. Clean. Crisp. Refreshing. Zesty, bright lime on the nose and front palate. Finishes of sweet and juicy limeade. Lemon Lime Hi Seltzer has a subdued sweetness that’s pleasantly coy, balanced by a sharp, airy tartness delivered in each bright, bubbly sip. Fruit forward taste with a refreshing finish that contains 0 Sugar, 0 calories, and 0 Alcohol. Infused with 5 mg of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC. Pasteurized. Federally legal and approved for 21+. Hi Seltzer, is 100% natural and made with only 3 ingredients – all-natural lemon and lime flavors, water, and hemp-derived Delta-8. No artificial sweeteners added. With Lemon Lime Hi Seltzer you get all the Happy without the Hangover™.

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The Benefits of
hi Seltzer

Picture this: each fizzy sip contributes to a hangover-free lifestyle, allowing you to relish the happiness without the aftermath. With a proprietary, nano-emulsified base ingredient and top-tier lab testing, hi Seltzer pours clarity and quality into every Delta 8 Seltzer. Zero sugar, zero alcohol, and zero calories make hi Seltzer the guilt-free choice for those craving a burst of flavor without compromising health. Cheers to the perks of choosing hi Seltzer to keep you Happy Without The Hangover™!

  • 0 Calories

    Never feel guilty over a 2nd round again!

  • 0 Sugar

    Feel free to have a sip.

  • 0 Alcohol

    Only Delta 8 means super fun Saturdays without the Sunday scaries!

  • 5 MG/ML

    All natural Delta 8 Hemp Derived THC

A whole lemon with its leaves lies behind a halved lemon.
A whole lime lies next to two lime wedges.