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I really like them. Love the can topper that came w the pack. Fun surprise

Hi praise!

Love the seltzer product line… zero/zero/zero = happiness + clarity upon awakening. Quit all alcohol five months ago… Hi Seltzer has helped make it possible!

So Awesome

As a USMC Veteran who has so much pain, this stuff works! And the taste is great!! With Hi Seltzer, I can finally get the rest I need, and you have a new repeat customer.
Semper fi,

Perfect drink!

I love the taste, how it can settle your stomach and relaxes you at just the right level. Perfect drink!


Great product great taste!

Hiseltzers = awesome!

Hiseltzers' authentic fruit flavors, zero calories, and natural ingredients won me over instantly. The perfect fizz and sleek design made every sip a delight, leaving me eagerly anticipating my next can. I highly recommend it!

no effect

Wasnt sure what to expect. A friend referred me. Said it "takes the edge off"... I felt nothing even after guzzling one and having another...

Best alcohol alternative

Hi Seltzer a great-tasting alternative for anyone exploring a "dry run" like Dry January or for anyone looking to enjoy something socially to wind down and relax that isn't alcohol-based. The flavors mix really well to use in mock tails and there's no lingering oils or colors in the formula. I love mixing the Lemon Lime and Pineapple. HI-ghly recommed! 🙂

Ridin' hi

I have literally seen "hi" Seltzer change people's minds, and lives. Having the option to catch a clean buzz without the damaging effects of alcohol, and sugar, is simply revolutionary. It is, hands-down the most approachable method of ingesting THC out there, and you can drink multiple rounds without worrying about a hangover.

Perfect, no-guilt refreshment...

Hi Seltzer is my new go-to drink for relaxation and stress relief. These sparkling beverages are packed with flavor, but without any of the concerns I would have with sugary drinks or alcohol. My favorite things are:

- Delicious: Lots of flavor options with a clean, refreshing taste. My wife and I love all 5 flavors!
- Natural Ingredients: Made with clean, all-natural ingredients.
- Good anytime: Great way to start your evenings or to take to a party with friends!

Best product ever

I really enjoy the flavors and how I can have a couple without having heavy effects. This is a great replacement to alcoholic drinks that keeps me sharp and hangover free.

Rest Easy

Buzz without the hangover!! Love being able to sleep great and wake up feeling great after a night of “drinking”


The BEST alternative to alcohol!
I am a single mother of two kids juggling everything on my own and alcohol just isn’t an option for me. Hi seltzers are what I reach for when I want to wind down and they help me sleep SO WELL!! I love mixing purées in them to sweeten them up when I’m in the mood. I’m super grateful I found something to replace all that wine. Never going back! 😊

Pinapple Perfect

Finally a seltzer that really tastes like pineapple! Fruity, fresh and delicious!

Tasty, Fruity, Fresh - Just Perfect!

OMG, I can't believe how delicious this is, one can taste the fresh fruit! It has all the fun of alcohol, but 100% hangover-free! I will definitely buy more.


Absolutely my favorite flavor, and the perfect amount of buzz after a long day!

Total Game-Changer

You guys, this lemon lime seltzer is the bomb! Flavor's so crisp and tangy, it's like a burst of citrusy goodness. Plus, with no alcohol, no hangovers – it's a win-win. Stocking up ASAP!

Refreshing Burst

Gave this lemon lime seltzer a shot, and it's pretty darn good. The flavor's legit, like biting into a fresh lime. But gotta be real, wish it had a bit more fizz. Still, no complaints about the THC kick!

They got pineapple right!

Tastes so light and refreshing and best part the pineapple flavor is perfectly balanced and not gross like most pineapple drinks. By far my favorite!

Ultimate Refreshment

Tried this lemon lime seltzer, and it's a game-changer! The flavor's so bright and zesty, it's like a tropical vacation in a can. And with zero sugar and zero calories, it's my guilt-free pleasure.

LOVEEE HI SELTZERS!! So light and easy to drink

These are my favorite go-to after a long day to relax. I love there's no sugar or calories, makes drinking the seltzers easy and without guilt!

Legit Lime Flavor

I'm seriously loving this lemon lime seltzer! The flavor's so vibrant and refreshing, it's like a party for your taste buds. And with no alcohol, no hangovers – it's perfect for any occasion.

The Bomb Seltzer

This lemon lime seltzer is everything! Flavor's on point, refreshing as heck. And with no sugar, no calories, and that extra THC twist, it's the ultimate refreshment. Seriously, try it!

Just Okay

Okay, this lemon lime seltzer is my new obsession! The flavor's so crisp and refreshing, it's like a burst of citrusy goodness. And with THC infused, it's like a bonus treat. 10/10, would recommend!